Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Personal Note...

Just wanted to take a moment and write a personal note...we recently moved back to our "hometown" so that we could be closer to family. My MIL was diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer in September, and after some health problems of my own and some health problems my mom has had, we just felt it was time to get closer to family. Both of our families now live just a mile away from us. The transition has been harder than I thought it would be, but it's only been 7 weeks.

My MIL finished chemo the week before we moved back and has done amazingly well during the last few months. But the family was struck with another blow this week when my FIL was diagnosed with breast cancer. It is so surreal to see them going through this so soon after my MIL's diagnosis. And for it to be breast cancer...we all think of it as a woman's disease, but it is so very real for men, as well. He will undergo a mastectomy on Thurs and will begin chemotherapy soon therafter. They have so much on their plate. We are so glad that we made the move back...we know now more than ever that we did the right thing!

Please keep them in your thoughts...they need all the strength they can get right now!


KraftyKerilou said...

Oh, Darce! What heartbreaking news! I will remember your family in my prayers. I am sending you big hugs, Kerilou SCS

Amy Sheffer said...

Darce, I'm so sorry to read about the health issues in your family. I'm sure having you and your husband closer has been a real blessing to his parents. All of you are in my prayers!